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Welcome to Your Love for a Lifetime! You are getting married!! Heartfelt blessings and congratulations for your upcoming wedding! This is one of the MOST important DAYS of your entire life and we are here to guarantee you have the best experience possible!

As Metaphysical Ministers that honor all faiths, we offer traditional, spiritual and metaphysical wedding ceremonies. You can get married at a venue of your choice, including our own beautiful garden. You can feel comfortable with the knowledge that when  creating and officiating your wedding ceremony, we are with you the whole way. We provide a range of ceremony options from simple to more elaborate with different fee packages to make sure your special day is memorable, FUN filled with connection and a blessed day you and your special friends, family and loved ones will remember forever.

We also offer Transformational Life and Relationship Coaching to individuals and couples. If you want to know what it REALLY  takes and feels like to have loving and empowering relationships with self and others, if you want to feel insired to go for what you really want in life, then you are in the right place. Our intention is to help you find your inner love and define your goals, as well as support you on the way of unleashing your inner power into meaningful actions to get you where you want to be. We coach individuals and couples just like you on exactly what to do to navigate the landmines and communication gaps that run unchecked in most relationships. We follow the teachings from A Course in Miracles and metaphysical concepts to create a life true to your purpose. We guide you to harness and honor the higher wisdom which is nestled within each one of us, to create a new life and build new habits that maintain and nurture lifelong self-respect and self-love. From this solid ground to stand on, you discover how easily you can extend respect and love to others.

Our Love and Blessings! Rev. Angela Dakogiannis and Rev. Gerald Taillefer
Ordained Metaphysical Ministers, Wedding Officiants, Founders of Your Love for a Lifetime Programs, Transformational Life and Relationship Coaches.